Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 8th, 2:00-3:10 pm

    Promo committee agenda


    2:00, Teacher’s Lounge

    Opening prayer

    1. Review financials
    2. Old Business
    3. Pre-school preview and registrations recap
    4. DVD
    5. Child care response from school families
    6. Photos-we have display; What supplies are needed to create? When can we set it up-Before Spring Festival?

    New Business

    1. Shanty Days Parade (defer to DI float?)
    2. John Stelzer/Roncalli Ideas: Service award for parent/family/student-could we do this at Awards night?
    3. Next Meeting—Date, time
    4. Closing prayer

      Input and ideas are always welcomed by our Promotional Committee.  Parents and Parish members are also free to attend any of our meetings.  Below you can find the minutes from our most recent meetings.