Who doesn’t love collecting things? Turn your collections into cash, equipment and supplies for St. Mary School!

Things You Can Collect

The Kemps Nickels for Schools program allows us to collect specially marked milk caps and Nickels for Schools POP symbols from Kemps dairy products and redeem them for cash. We receive 5¢ for each milk cap sent in. The collection bin is located in the North hallway of school.

Through Kids Caps & Cash, we receive five cents for each cap redeemed from Morning Glory® half-gallon and gallon jugs of milk.

For both milk cap programs – please rinse out caps thoroughly, place the counted caps in a Ziploc bag and write the number of caps being sent in. Its as easy as that! (Please send each type of milk cap brand in separate bags.)

Labels for Education
Clip and save UPC labels from eligible products and send them to school.

Visit the Labels for Education site for more information. You can look up our school by clicking on the Find or Enroll My School link and then enter our Zip Code – 54201.

There are three easy ways to earn money for our school through the Box Tops for Education Program:

  1. clip 10¢ Box Tops coupons from hundreds of your favorite products (send your box tops in anytime during the school year)
  2. shop at over 70 online stores at the Box Tops Marketplace
  3. Shop at the Box Tops Reading Room

Sign up online for even more offers – our school is listed as – ST MARYS SCHOOL .

For every qualified ink cartridge and cell phone sent in we receive points that can be redeemed for cash or products from the Funding Factory catalog. Click the appropriate link to view the list of qualifying products:

Ink Cartridges | Cell Phones

If you know of a business that would like to register as a supporter, click here and use our ID number 119375.

Craig’s Piggly Wiggly Community Piggy Bank
Send your Piggly Wiggly sales receipts directly to school and once we turn them in to the store, Craig’s Piggly Wiggly donates 1% to St. Mary School. Thank you to the Petermans for providing us with this wonderful opportunity!

Denny’s SuperValu Community Dollars
Denny”s SuperValu has set up their Community Dollars board near the entrance to the store where you can deposit your sale receipts into the St. Mary School slot (lower right). Denny’s will donate 1% of the receipt total to St. Mary School. Thank you to the Wautlets for providing us with this wonderful opportunity!

We’re Collecting Drink Pouches!
This is a Home & School fund raiser that turns our trash into money for our school and products we can buy! Through Terracycle.net we are now part of the Drink Pouch Brigade!

How to Participate:
Save all brands of drink pouches (juice bags), even store or generic brands.

Remove the straw.

Slice open the bottom, inside panel (do not cut off the top or bottom of the bag).

Rinse out the bag and send to school. There is a collection bin in the north hallway of school.

Not only will we receive money for each pouch we turn in, think of all the trash we will keep out of the landfills!

And then we can purchase products made from this upcycled trash!

You can visit Terracycle.net to see how the program works and purchase upcycled products.

My Coke Rewards

You have two choices to support our school: Enter your Coke Rewards points yourself online then donate them to our  school, or bring your codes (on caps or inside cardboard cases) to school and we will enter them for you.  We can then purchase supplies with the points!