Students in Grades 5 – 8 have the opportunity to join the Algoma Public School band. Eligibility of students wishing to participate in band will depend on academic efforts, attitudes and conduct, both in school and at school functions. To maintain eligibility, students must display a pattern of sufficient progress.

Parents and guardians of band students are responsible for the transportation of their children to and from band practice. Students are allowed to leave SMS during the designated band practice times. Sharing the driving responsibilities between parents has worked well over the years.  The Fifth grade band and Sixth grade band meet at the Algoma Elementary School.  The Middle School Band (grades 7 and 8 combined) meet at the Algoma Middle/High School.

Band students are given private/group lessons and participate in activities such as concerts throughout the year, solo ensemble and the Algoma Memorial Day and Shanty Days parades.  Summer band lessons are also offered through the Algoma Summer Camp program.

For more information on the Algoma School District band programs, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Massey at (920) 487-7001, ext. 2121.