Since 1876 St. Mary School in Algoma, Wisconsin has been nurturing our children’s educational as well as moral growth. Please join us as we cater to the academic and spiritual needs of students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 8th living in Algoma and the surrounding areas.

Catholic schools teach youth morality and learning skills which help them live happy lives. Students are taught in an atmosphere which encourages the development of their God-given talents. At SMS, children receive an outstanding academic foundation as well as a solid moral and spiritual influence from people who care: faculty, staff, volunteers and parents.

Our school has succeeded due to the continued support of parishoners, families and fraternal and service organizations who believe in the strengths of St Mary School:

  • An education program open to children – preschool-3 through 8th grade
  • A continuing desire among parents to choose a Christian education for their children
  • A strong link between school and home through parent involvement and added communication
  • Certified teachers who provide study with adult role models of faith and life long learning
  • A full curriculum including art, physical education, music, Spanish and computer
  • A daily hot lunch program
  • A school library
  • School uniforms for grades K – 8
  • Low teacher to student ratio

Academic excellence is achieved by a commitment to the success of each individual child and is integrated with the message of the Gospel. St. Mary School makes the difference with daily religious instruction that further stimulates the learning experience and helps mold further dedication to family, community and faith.

SMS students plan and participate in frequent school liturgies which help to enrich their spiritual growth and self confidence.

The mission of the Pastor, Board of Total Catholic Education, Principal, Teachers, Parents and Students of the St. Mary School Community is to develop lifelong learning skills which will help each person reflect the teachings of Jesus and achieve the highest potential of moral, intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth in an environment of compassion, respect and safety.

St. Mary School is a Catholic educational community that offers parents the opportunity of a sound academic and faith-filled experience for their children. It is committed to reflect in its environment, and in every aspect of its curriculum, Gospel values. As such, it is a sign and a source of Catholic faith in this community.

Specific Objectives
Throughout the Old Testament God promised peace to His people. In the New Testament Jesus, the Prince of Peace, was given to us. We recognize God’s gift and responsibility. Full Christian growth and development means full human growth and development: spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual and physical. St. Mary School is dedicated:

  • To strive to inculcate the Gospel spirit of “peace, brotherhood, love, patience and respect for others”
  • To explore ways to deepen our students’ concern for and skill in peacemaking and achievement of justice
  • To inspire our students to achieve a vital personal relationship with Jesus
  • To affirm hope, while recognizing the fact of evil and personal sin
  • To provide instruction to meet the needs of each student
  • To provide an orderly school environment where the children not only experience a learning atmosphere but also learn to respect property and appreciate the dignity of human life

Belief Statement of the Faculty of St. Mary School:

We believe that…

  • each child is unique in his/her mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs
  • children have different styles of learning which reach beyond the classroom into life itself
  • children learn best when they are in a safe, orderly and respectful envrionment
  • high standards of appropriate behavior and respect for self, others and property reflect God’s Kingdom
  • teachers are learners too
  • Jesus is the unseen yet ever present teacher in our classes. He is the model of our faculty and the inspiration of our students

Mission Statement
With Jesus as our model, we will strive to develop lifelong attitudes and skills in children that will help them to achieve the highest level of intellectual, social, emotional, physical and moral growth in an ever changing and diverse world.

Non-discriminatory Act
St. Mary School is in compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to the extent that no person shall on the basis of sex, race, or national origin be excluded from participating in or denied benefits of, nor be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity, nor shall there be discrimination by sex, race, or national origin in the employment of personnel.