St. Mary Home and School Association is an active organization made up of school students’ parents, teachers and guardians. The Association meets regularly and does a tremendous job of fund raising to benefit the school. The St. Mary Booster Club activities also fall under the H&S Association.

Each school family with a child in grades K – 8 is responsible to earn 450 H&S Commitment points per school year. Each school family with a child in grades Preschool-3 or K-4 is responsible to earn 225 H&S Commitment points per school year. This can be accomplished in many ways including fund raising efforts and time volunteered throughout the year. If a family does not accumulate the necessary points in a school year, payment is made to the Home and School Association for the balance.

Please visit our Fund Raising Section for more information.

2016-2017  Home and School Officers:

  • Alison DeMeuse – President
  • Molly Schwader – Vice President
  • Emily Paiser, Secretary
  • Patty Kubetz, Treasurer
  • Kristi Luedke, Service Commitment Accountant

home and School meeting minutes:

9-12-2016 Meeting Min.

4-18-16 H & School Meeting Agenda

3-21-16 H & S Meeting Min.

11-23-15 H & S Meeting Min.

10-19-15 H & S Meeting Min.

2-15-16 H&S Meeting

9-28-15 Meeting Min

St. Mary Home and School Service Commitment Guide
Stocking Stuffer

Held in the Fall each year.

Activity Points Awarded
Chairperson 40
Helpers 10 Adults / 5 Student
Cookie Donations 5 per 2 dozen


Poinsettia Flower Sale

A variety of poinsettia plants are sold in early November for an early December delivery.

Activity Points Awarded
Chairperson 40
Sales depending on item sold
Sorters 5 / hour



Held in the January/February each year, this is a Parish/School Community Fund Raiser with the opportunity to earn H&S points..

Candy Sale

Held in the spring, a variety of Candy is offered for sale.

Activity Points Awarded
Chairperson 40
Sorters 10 per hour – adult / 5 Student
Sales 1 point for every $2
 Family fun Nights(3 events) – Social gathering for school families

Activity Points Awarded
Chairperson 25
Workers 5 Points per hour
Spring Flower Basket Sale –  variety of flower baskets are sold

Activity Points Awarded
Chairperson 40
Sales depending on flower basket

Time and Talent Drawing and Breakfast

Held in the spring, dozens of items are donated by the School, Parish and Community – from get-aways to baked goods.

Funds are raised by chances sold for each item along with a delicious breakfast and bake sale.

Home and School Trout Boil

Held in late winter/early spring, usually on a Friday evening during lent in the school cafeteria.

Athletic Director

Activity Points Awarded
Athletic Director 150 per year

Library Aid

Activity Points Awarded
Library Aid 50 per year
Home and School Association

Blue Jay Run/Walk (next school year)

This event will be taken in the Summer combined with the Church picnic in July OR in the fall of 2017

Activity Points Awarded
Chairperson 5% of profit
Workers 10 per hour – adult / 5 student

Destination Imagination Coaches

Activity Points Awarded
Coach 25 Points per team coached(can be split)
Additional Points may be awarded for added fundraisers with approval from Home & School Officers